my Nix configuration
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Yorick van Pelt 47c8bd6fb0
rm allow-unsafe-native-code-during-evaluation
.git-crypt use git-crypt 2年前
deploy add key deployment, fix pennyworth 1年前
keys add key deployment, fix pennyworth 1年前
logical update for local environment 1年前
modules stop running tor everywhere 1年前
packages xps9360: move hw config to nixos-hardware 1年前
physical woodhouse: disable mounts, add tv user 1年前
roles rm allow-unsafe-native-code-during-evaluation 1年前
services Only make quassel container when enabled 1年前
.gitattributes use git-crypt 2年前 reorganize 1年前
conf update for local environment 1年前
deploy_key use git-crypt 2年前
secrets.nix add key deployment, fix pennyworth 1年前
servers.json update local host name 1年前
sshkeys.nix switch to gpg-agent 3年前

My nixos configurations.



Physical server. Mostly used for files. (storage: 6 TB hdd + 256GB ssd, RAM: 8GB, 2 cores ht)


Server. VPS (Storage: 80GB, RAM: 1GB, 2 cores)


intel nuc connected to the tv (storage: 64GB ssd, RAM: 4GB)

  • kodi
  • sshfs mounts to alphonse & frumar


workstation. hp elitebook 8570w (RAM: 16GB, 4 cores ht, storage: 256GB ssd + 300GB HDD)

  • includes a power saving script


workstation. dell xps 13 (RAM: 16GB, storage: 512GB ssd, 2 cores ht)

  • for now, just run powertop --auto-tune after a reboot I guess


Generating tor keys:

$(nix-build packages/shallot.nix --no-out-link)/bin/shallot -f tmp ^PATTERN
head -n3 tmp
tail -n +4 tmp > keys/ssh.HOSTNAME.key
shred tmp && rm tmp