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Yorick van Pelt d50c02d708
9 months ago
.git-crypt gitcrypt 2 years ago
bin flakify 9 months ago
emacs emacs: fix solarized somehow 9 months ago
home-manager update 9 months ago
misc cleanup 10 months ago
mutt/.mutt I don't know 2 years ago
nixos blackadder: hardcode lumi-vpn ip to avoid some impurity 9 months ago
pkgs flakes fixes 9 months ago
.gitattributes gitcrypt 2 years ago
.gitignore Ignore emacs.el 5 years ago
.gitmodules remove pentadactyl config 5 years ago
alacritty.yml intern alacritty, use starship module 2 years ago update 9 months ago
color-scheme more stuff 2 years ago
fixups.nix refactoring installed pkgs 10 months ago
flake.lock flake.lock: Update 9 months ago
flake.nix flake: add update-home util to work around home manager bug 9 months ago flakes fixes 9 months ago
repl.nix flakes fixes 9 months ago