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My nixos configurations.



Physical server. Mostly used for files. (storage: 30 TB hdd + 256GB ssd, RAM: 16GB, 2 cores ht)

  • prometheus
  • grafana
  • rabbitmq
  • torrents
  • plex


Server. Hetzner cloud VPS (Storage: 20GB, RAM: 2GB, 1 core)

  • website
  • email
  • irc/weechat
  • vpn + http gateway for some services


workstation. dell xps 13 (RAM: 16GB, storage: 512GB ssd, 2 cores ht)


workstation. ryzen 9 (RAM: 64GB, storage: 1TB ssd, 16 cores ht)


Generating tor keys:

$(nix-build packages/shallot.nix --no-out-link)/bin/shallot -f tmp ^PATTERN
head -n3 tmp
tail -n +4 tmp > keys/ssh.HOSTNAME.key
shred tmp && rm tmp