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ergodox-firmware: Firmware for the ErgoDox keyboard

Also see the [geekhack] ( and [deskthority] ( discussion threads.

About this File

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About this Project

This project is definitely in beta, but I'll do my best to keep the 'master' branch working. Please see the source (and especially the accompanying '.md' files) for documentation. And [] ( contains lots of good links, along with descriptions.

If you're just trying to compile, jump to the bottom of the file and read the [Dependencies] (#dependencies-for-building-from-source) section. Once that's taken care of, navigate to the [src] (src) directory, compile using Make, and fire up your teensy loader to transfer the '.hex' file. Just to be safe, you should also check the '.eep' file. If it's larger than 0 bytes, you need to load it too.

If you're looking to hack on the source, or just feel like reading it, you probably don't need much direction for a small project like this. I'll try to write more later (for people who are new to AVR programming, like I was when I started this project), but for now:

  • [src/lib] (src/lib) is for generally useful stuff. The TWI and USB libraries are in there, along with the file containing basic key press and release functions.
  • [src/keyboard] (src/keyboard) is for keyboard specific stuff. All the chip initialization code is there, along with the layout files, the software matrix to hardware matrix mapping, and hardware specific documentation.
  • [src/main.c] (src/main.c) ties it all together.

Open issues, feature requests, and such are tracked [on github] (/benblazak/ergodox-firmware/issues).


Features as of 2012-04-11 : first major release on branch 'main'

  • 6KRO
  • Teensy 2.0, MCP23018 I/O expander
  • ~167 Hz scan rate (most of which is spent communicating via I²C)
  • firmware level layers

Dependencies (for building from source)

Copyright © 2012 Ben Blazak
Released under The MIT License (MIT) (see "")
Project located at